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The Cleanse Begins

Wednesday was day 1. I woke up at 6am, weighed (ugh) and got ready. By 6:30 I was in the kitchen staring down the fiber drink packet. I put some cold water in a glass and opened the packet up. Everyone agrees it is gross so I wasn’t looking forward to this part of it. I opened it up and poured it in the water. I tasted a little of the powder left on the packet. Not bad, the flavor I got is 'peaches and cream'. I mixed it together really well and tried to gulp down as much as I could. It isn’t necessarily nasty, but it’s thick. It tastes sludgy and I really did struggle to make myself drink the entire glass. I never gagged, but it did leave a taste in my mouth that I didn’t like. I followed it down with 8 more ounces of water and a little bit of iced tea just to get the taste out. I’m not supposed to drink Ice tea during the cleanse, but I am drinking some in moderation. Its caffeine free and unsweetened, but I do add sweet-n-low. So right out the gate, I am breaking the rules. Oh well. 

On the way to work I had breakfast; A PB2 shake which consisted of one cup of almond milk and 2 tbps of PB2 chocolate. As I was leaving I checked the PB2 to make sure the only ingredient were peanuts and it’s not. I’ve been reading lots of blogs on this cleanse and I thought someone said you could have PB2 so I put it into my plan. I should have known better and I didn’t check the label ahead of time so sure enough it has sugar in it. Since I had already made my shake I went ahead and had it for breakfast, but I won’t be having anymore PB2. Lesson learned; check the ingredients.

In between breakfast and my AM snack I drank 22 ounces of water. Throughout the day I continued to drink 22 ounces of water every 2-3 hours. The goal was a gallon and I fell just under that. It is a lot of water to drink in a day, especially since I spend 8 hours sitting at my desk (which doesnt really help one work up a thirst). I must have peed every hour or more. I’ve decided that the worst part of the diet is the number of times you have to go into the bathroom at work. It’s not my favorite place to hang out and I’m actually keeping track today just to see how many times I go, because it seems constant. For an AM snack I had some strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and grapes. Easy, yummy snack! I drank 22 more ounces of water and then it was time for lunch. For lunch I made a spinach salad with grilled chicken strips and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I also ate some roasted red pepper hummus with celery. It was good and filling and I never felt hungry. I drank another 22 ounces of water, went to the bathroom multiple times and then had a PM snack of cashews and fresh pineapple. Adam cut up a pineapple Tuesday night and I think it is the sweetest pineapple I have ever had here in KY. Hawaii has the most amazing pineapple in the world and this is pretty darn close. I can’t wait to have it again today. I drank another 22 ounces of water, got off work, picked up Landon, headed home, and started on dinner. 

For dinner I made THIS spicy chicken with asparagus. This recipes uses honey and I did make it as it is. Honey is off limits during the cleanse, but very little is used so I did it anyway. I also had a glass of iced tea at dinner as well. I’m so bad! We were finished eating by 6pm and since it was the season finale of Nashville I had to stay up for it. That means I didn’t go to bed until after 11pm. I found myself getting a little hungry around 8:30pm and by 9pm I knew I needed a little something or I would be starving by 10:30. This was the first time all day I had felt the least bit hungry, but it says to eat every 2-3 hours and I had been until this point. I had some tuna salad in the fridge that I had made Sunday and it’s only going to go to waste. I went ahead and had a few bites of it, even though it’s made with Mayo (the Olive Oil type). 

So basically I had little cheats all day long. I had a some iced tea, PB2, honey and a little bit of tuna with olive oil mayo. I feel like the things I cheated on were little and will not have an adverse effect on the cleanse. How do I know? Yesterday morning I was down 3.5 pounds! It was pretty surprising actually. I weighed 3 times and took a picture! Now, I think this just goes to show how much water weight I retain at times. My weight can fluctuate 2 pounds from one morning to the next and it was on the plus 2 pounds side yesterday anyway. While I’m ecstatic to already be down 3.5 pounds I think that is weight that I could, and probably will, easily gain back if I started eating normally again. Let's face it, I didn't lose 3.5 pounds of fat in one day. Overall, it was a pretty easy day. I imagined punching my desk partner as he ate his sweets ALL DAY LONG, I wanted to snatch the popcorn from the microwave in the breakroom, and I imagined how much better my salad would be with a little bit of feta cheese. But that's it.

Little things like that entered my head, but I never felt hungry. Yesterday morning I had a banana and cherry pie Lara Bar instead of the shake. I did have a little bit of a headache in the morning, but it was small and I feel fine otherwise. Other than switching out my breakfast I actually ate the exact same stuff for the rest of the day. It was all good and easy to do during work. Luckily, I am only working 2 more days of this entire cleanse. I know the time at home will be challenging since my husband will eat all kinds of yummy food in front of me, but it will also allow me plenty of time to prepare and try new foods which I am excited about. 

Wish me luck!

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