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Wedding Anniversary

Today is our four year wedding anniversary. We got engaged on my 19th birthday and my Dad was terrified that we would elope. Instead, we dated for over six years before finally getting married. We bought our house about nine months before getting married and didn’t live together until we brought home our first son, the furry one, in January of the year we were married. If there is one single piece of advice I could give people that are single, dating, or about to get married, it is to date, date, and date. I know we had a long engagement by today’s standards, but I think that our length of dating is directly related to how well we knew each other and how amazing these past four years have been. There were no surprises in that first year of marriage despite having not lived together long before getting married. And once you get married the best thing you can do for your marriage is to date, date, and date. A very wise man, our best man in our wedding, told us that the key to a successful marriage is to court everyday. That means 'date' for people under 50. I agree 110%.

Tonight, we will go out to dinner and watch our wedding video. It’s our anniversary tradition. We don’t spend a lot of money or have a big celebration. Instead, we spend the evening watching our wedding Mass and reliving the words Father Bill said to us on that very special day. In his homily, Father Bill talked about having a pure love that transcends all. A God-like love for each other that people outside of our marriage can see.

I know we’ve only been married for four years, but the most important thing I will ever accomplish is reaching that goal of our love transcending our marriage and spilling onto others. It’s the love of God and as Father Bill put it, a gift to others and not just ourselves. There is a quote by Bruce R McConkie, a famous LDS minster, which says, "I believe that the most important single thing that you will ever do in this world is to marry the right person, in the right place, by the right authority." I know that many people have already been touched by Adam’s love and dedication to me. It’s the most humbling, rewarding, and fulfilling thing I have experienced in my lifetime. We hope one day to be able to counsel young couples getting married in the Catholic Church as we were counseled by our Deacon and his wife. Although we were dedicated and committed in our hearts from very early on, we both know the importance and significance that June 19, 2009 was for each of us, ourselves as a couple, our family, and our friends.

PS. Want to know what I got Adam as a wedding gift? Check out THIS post from way back in 2010.

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