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I heart weekends

Weekends are the best. Why do they ever have to end? Sunday night, as I was sitting down to watch some tv for the first time all weekend, I was already starting to look forward to Thursday at 4:30pm. Is that bad? I hate wishing away life, but I’m only really wishing away the work week so I can live my life. This weekend was my birthday weekend and while we didn't anything extra special, I had a great birthday weekend.

Friday, Landon and I had a lunch date with my Mom and some very close family friends. We met for lunch at 11:30am at Captain's Quarters and didn’t leave until 4:45pm! Captain's Quarters is a great place to grab a bite to eat, get a drink, enjoy the view of the river, and just hang out. After eating, we moved to the grassy area where they have Adirondack chairs facing the river so you can sit and enjoy the boats going down the river. Landon had a blast running around and watching the boats. That child loves anything that moves. He even made a little friend while he was there and they played together for about an hour. The great atmosphere wasn't the only reason we stayed over five hours, but the company had a lot to do with it. There is nothing in life that brings me as much joy as the company of truly great people. Time really flies when you are in good company. It’s always a little sad when it comes to an end, but I am already looking forward to our next get together.

Saturday, we went to Huber’s. It was time for my Dad and I's monthly wine trip. Usually it’s just a father-daughter thing but the strawberries were ripe for picking and I thought Landon would enjoy picking them so Adam, my step-mom, and Landon came with us. When we got there, we grabbed a bite to eat at their winery. They have the best chicken salad sandwiches and homemade Sangria. It was the best lunch! Afterwards, Dad and I went to the loft and did a wine tasting while Landon played outside.

Wine tasting professionals

Love that face!
Once we were done, we took a tractor ride to the strawberry fields. Landon wasn't overly excited about picking the strawberries himself, but he had fun pointing them out for me, watching me pick them, and helping put them into the box for me. He was a good helper. Since Adam doesn't eat strawberries, I didn't get a ton, but I got plenty to last me through the week. We have some strawberries at home and those, along with the Huber’s strawberries, are so much sweeter. Homegrown is obviously much better. 

After we picked all the strawberries we could handle we went back to the winery and enjoyed some ice cream. Huber’s is one of the few places that sells Superman ice cream and it always takes me back to my childhood down on the river. Even Adam, who never eats ice cream, couldn't resist the childhood memories and enjoyed some with us. Once we were done, we waited another 30 minutes or so for Landon to finish his, then Dad and I bought some wine and we headed home. Huber’s has the best Strawberry Sangria which you can make at home so I picked up a bottle of their strawberry wine and a bottle of their strawberry infusion (wine and brandy) so I can make it from home. 

When we got home Landon and I took a cat nap before heading out to get some dinner and going to Lowes. I decided for my birthday I wanted a blueberry bush and some hanging baskets for our porch. Why are flowers so expensive? The pretty hanging baskets were $20 and I wanted two, but I just couldn't justify spending $40, so I bought one that was $10. It was pretty and is supposed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds so I may go back for a second one eventually. I don’t have the best track record with flowers, but my garden is doing well, so hopefully the tide is changing. If this basket does well I’ll get another. We picked out the perfect blueberry bush as well. I love blueberries and they are so good for you. I’m hoping it does well. 

Yay for blueberry bushes!
I also went to Michael’s and picked up supplies for to make a Summer wreath. I have a small wreath obsession and our door has been bare since after Christmas so I’m excited to make a wreath and hang it up. Summer is such a nice time of year, but my front porch is bare. I know the wreath and hanging baskets will just add a little color and spruce it up. 

Sunday, was my birthday! As a I birthday gift to myself I took off work. We slept in a little too long and missed Mass at St. Martin’s so we went to St. Raphael’s instead. Afterwards, we met my Mom at Captain's Quarters…again.
Real men wear pink and look damn good doing it!
They have an amazing Sunday brunch buffet and I intended to stuff my face for hours, but my second plate was a huge waffle with strawberries and whipped creme. I was stuffed. My waffles at home don’t taste quite as good. It’s probably, because I make them. There is something about food when someone else cooks it. After brunch we went to Noni’s for some pool time. The weather decided to be crappy just as we were getting in the pool, but we ignored the storm clouds and all got in. This was Landon’s first time in the pool this year. The first summer he loved it, last summer he didn't, and it looks like he is going to love it again this year. He went off the diving board a number of times and jumped off the ladder. I cant wait till our GoPro gets back from Norway so we can take pictures of him in the water. The boy (and his Father) love to splash! After some time in the pool we went to dinner at Senior Iguanas. I love Mexican food and they have the best chicken quesadillas on the planet. Paired with some chips and queso and a strawberry margarita, it was the perfect birthday dinner and the end to a great day.

Birthday kisses from my favorite little man
Next Friday is date night and Saturday we are going out for a friend’s birthday so I’m glad we spent all weekend together as a family. I made a summer bucket list for us as a family and one for just Adam and I. I will share them soon, but we’ve already crossed two items off after this weekend. Picking strawberries and getting Landon to jump off the diving board. It was a great birthday weekend and I wouldn't change a thing. Less than 48 hours till my next weekend begins. Bring it!

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