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Case of the Monday's

Every single week I have a case of the Monday's which is funny because Sunday is actually my Monday and Monday is actually my Tuesday. It must be because despite getting up ridiculously early on Sundays (5:30am), I treat it like the rest of my weekend trying to do a lot and staying up WAY TOO LATE. So on Monday I'm always tried, wishing my weekend wasn't over and feeling like the next weekend is a little far away to get me through. Thank God that by Tuesday I'm starting to feel a little better; like I can conquer the week after all.
Friday, Landon and I headed to Noni's pool to swim and play around for a bit. My friend Mary got off work at 11am and came over to swim with us pass out on a raft. At 1pm Adam and Marty got off work and met up with us. It was a girls shopping day so Adam, being the best Daddy ever, took Landon home so that us girls could go do what we do best. Since we are trying to pay off debt and I'm having to purchase some books for my brokerage exam class, I stuck to a strict budget...for the first time ever. GO ME! I was on the look out for some cute summer dresses and/or shorts. I found a B-E-A-U-TIFUL long silk pink-to-grey ombre dress at The Limited. On sale from $99 to $25 so I had to get it. Adam made fun of me saying he understood I had to buy it because I was getting "such a great deal, even if all it does is sit in my closet". I'm going to make a point to wear it soon and make him eat his words. I also got an adorable blue striped dress from the Gap.

I usually have a hard time shopping at the local Gap because the Gap outlet has such great deals, but this dress was on sale and once I tried it on I had to get it. This dress is much more casual and will get plenty of wear. I have a cute pair of yellow platforms and a yellow necklace that will go perfectly with the bright blue for dressing it up a bit.
We found some time to break away from the shopping for a little sushi. It was SO GOOD! I'm not one to branch out and try a lot of crazy types of sushi, but what I do eat, I love. I'm already dreaming of the next time. After dinner we moved to the Summit for more shopping and, of course, we closed down the stores. How can seven hours pass so quickly? Right at 9pm I was trying to decide whether or not to get a pair of shorts from Ann Taylor Loft. I couldn't decide on the color so I passed. I've since ordered them online for a little less than they were in the store...$18! Looking for a good nice pair of shorts in a variety of colors that don't show your butt cheeks? Try the loft. They are great. Mary had to work early so we took her to her car while Marty and I went to the Homemade Pie Kitchen for some late night sherbet and deep conversation. Marty is my best friend turned sister-in-law and I feel so lucky to have her as both. I swear we could talk for hours, if not days, about everything under the sun and never have a pause in the conversation. We always joke that Adam and my brother, Matt (her husband) are really the related ones, but the truth is, Marty and I are the most similar. We are like sisters except we get along even better. Good thing they had seating outside, because the place closed at 10pm and we ended up staying much later. At 11:30pm everyone else was gone and all the lights were out so we decided to call it a night, which was good because she decided to get up early with me and some co-workers to go pick blueberries.

Two of my co-workers had been planning their yearly blueberry picking and let me tag along. It's a farm right outside of Corydon, Indiana called Bryant's Blueberries. We arrived at 8am to beat the crowds, but I think everyone else had the same idea. I'm so happy that Lenka told me about this place and invited me to go along. Marty and I both really enjoyed picking and sampling the different blueberries.

We picked some sweet blueberries to eat and some tart ones to bake with. They had a ton of different varieties and after a while you could really start to pick out distinctive flavors. I don't know if my blueberry bush will be producing any fruit next year, but I plan to go back.

Once I got home we decided to go to Otter Creek for a little hiking and family fun. Adam packed up the camera and I packed us a lunch and we headed out to enjoy the gorgeous day.

This is pretty much sums these two up. One's always taking pictures and one is always throwing rocks. 

Landon enjoyed getting in the creek and playing. The water was pretty cold, but he didn't seem to mind at all. That boy loves water!

Daddy even took for him a walk to the middle of the creek. Thank God for waterproof boots. I hadn't been to Otter Creek in a long time. It's a nice place for us to take Landon and get him used to being outdoors and hiking. We definitely want him to always enjoy the outdoors and being active. Right now he loves it and always wants to be outside so we hope we can keep it that way. It must have seemed like a cruel trick to him though because we said we were going to the park and once we were there he kept saying "Ok. Go to the park?" To him, the park means 'playground' and this park had no playground.

Sunday was a work day which came way too early. After work, I had to take care of my pool duties and then I came home. We grilled out and Adam installed some ceiling fans for the porch while Landon played outside. Late Sunday night, I made THIS amazing Buttermilk Blueberry Cake with my freshly picked blueberries. I wanted to eat it all, but alas, I cut it into 16 pieces and I'm giving at least half of it away. It's too good to keep the whole thing. I'm hoping to make a cobbler this week for the 4th of July. I'm on a blueberry kick now. No need to stop a good thing once it starts. Can't wait for the holiday weekend and so happy to have kicked Monday's butt. Bring it on Tuesday!

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