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What's Going On?

I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post. I was doing so well blogging on a regular basis, but then my world got crazy and it's taken a backseat. Hopefully, now that things are starting to get settled, I can resume. I have so much to talk about and so many things I want to share. Now that we live in a different city I know our family will enjoy keeping up with our day to day lives and so I feel a real obligation to keep it up.

So what's been going on? Where do I start? In my last post, Adam was getting ready to start his new job. He's been working there for almost a month now and is really liking it. On top of that, he has already gotten a promotion and is now a senior associate! I had my last day at UPS on the 29th and thought it would be the happiest day of my life. I was shocked at how reminiscent I was. Even a little sad. When I left I shed exactly one tear, started my car and drove away for the last time. I shared on Facebook my final thoughts and wanted to put them on here as well to just to have it. It ended up being a bittersweet day... 

Walking out of UPS for the last time, I thought it would be one of the happiest days of my life, but the truth is that it’s a little emotional to leave a place that gave me so much. 3,417 days ago, I started on nights so I could be on the same shift as my new boyfriend. I would have never imagined that almost ten years later I would still be working here. If it were not for UPS, I wouldn’t have met my two best friends and my brother wouldn’t be married to the woman he’s with now. I wouldn’t have learned that speaking in front of people is easy cakes and that the work is secondary to the attitude. I have had to deal with co-workers and customers that have pushed me to my limits, but from that I have learned that happiness is a choice we make every day and no one can affect mine, except me. I’ve learned that hard work and integrity will get your far, but more importantly it will gain you respect. In my darkest hours it was my co-workers who pulled together and brought food to my family at the hospital and touched us in the deepest of ways. In my brightest hours they shared in the most important and happiest day of my life and their goofy pictures from our photobooth I will forever cherish. Had we not had the opportunity to move, I probably would have never left UPS. I like to think over time I could have made a difference and at least tried to change the things I didn’t like. I’m ready to move on and excited for the new opportunities that lay ahead, but I am also grateful for everything that I have learned and everyone I have met over the years. I know in the end that the highs and lows, the stress and the fun, have helped to shape me into the person I am today and because of that I will close this chapter of life with appreciation and happiness.

Any sadness though was short lived because the next was a birthday celebration with my two favorite ladies. A day later Mom, Landon and I boarded a plane for Daytona Beach Florida where we spent a week on the beach doing NOTHING! While the trip had been planned for awhile, the timing ended up being perfect and bad at the same time. I really could have used the week in between jobs to get our house packed and get ready to move, but I needed (and enjoyed!) a full week of relaxing and hanging out. We left Daytona Beach at 7 AM on Sunday morning, had a short layover in Atlanta, and arrived back in Louisville around noon. My Mom went with us to our place, we loaded the car with essentials for a week and drove straight to Nashville and our new home. Meanwhile, Adam was flying out of Nashville to go Chicago for work for a few days. It was a little crazy and not at all ideal, but luckily I had my Mom with me so on Monday I went to my new job and she stayed with Landon so my plate wasn't too full on the first day. On Tuesday I took Landon to his new daycare and since then we've started the process of adapting to our new routine. 

We lived the first week with our bed on the floor, only Landon's crib in his room, and an air mattress next to the computer so we could watch movies. This past weekend we spent all day Saturday moving and spent Sunday with friends and family at an amazing going away party with family and friends. I feel like this blog is a virtual diary of sorts and I want to be sure and backtrack and post about some of the events of the past month. While moving has been a big deal, there have been so many other great things going on such as my close friend's bridal shower, Mary's birthday celebration, our trip to Daytona, and our going away party. Life is good!

Speaking of in Nashville is fun and exhausting. It's not easy being in a new place, having to work full-time, juggle family, try to get settled, and do everything else. But, a new city with tons of new experiences is also very exciting and alluring. I've worked a full week at my new job and I really like it. The atmosphere is completely different from what I am used to, almost to the point of where it's somewhat uncomfortable at times. It is definitely an area and company that is growing at a very fast rate and I hope to become an integral part of it. Despite the stress, Adam and I are both excited about what the future holds for us. We feel like the move was a great step for each of us and are looking forward to going far here. Like I said, I have so many thoughts, events, and things I want to share and log, but for now at least I've written a little update which is better than I have done for awhile now.

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