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Fall Bucket List

I can't believe it's already October. September is practically a blur with everything that happened in those short 30 days and I have feeling October will be the same. I love Fall! I think just about everyone loves Fall. The weather is perfect, the scenery is beautiful, and there are always a ton of fun things to do. At the beginning of Summer I created a Summer bucket list for us as a family and a small one for just the adults (I'm including Adam in the adult list this time). I really enjoyed making a bucket list and although we didn't do everything I think it kept me accountable to do things I wanted to do and not be lazy. Since Fall is such a great time of year I thought it would fun to make a small Fall bucket list as well. But, before I list our Fall bucket list, here's a run down of something of the things we enjoyed on this Summer's bucket list...

1. Visit the Zoo

2. Go to the Sprayground at Beckley Station

3. Pick Berries

4. Outdoor movie at the zoo

5. Get Landon jumping off the diving board

6. Watch the planes take off from Bowman Field

7. Get milkshakes

8. Weekly Swim Lessons

9. Visit the beach

It was a great Summer and we did so much, but there a lot of things on our summer bucket list we didn't get to...

Go to a Bat’s Game
Shave with Daddy
4th of July Party
Make Smores
Big Water Gun Fight
End of Summer Pool Party
Watch the stars on the roof
Picnic in the park
Visit Henry’s Ark
Catch fireflies
Make homemade bubbles

A few of these things I realized Landon was a little too young for still. Laying still anywhere is a lot to ask so watching the stars on the roof was out. Maybe next year. It rained on the 4th of July so we had to cancel our pool party and there went our smores night as well. Others we just didn't get to. I'm going to add making smores to our fall list in hopes that we can still do it. I'm sad to say that the adult list was even more pathetic. Here was our list...

Go Kayaking
See a movie at the Drive in 
Go Rock Climbing
Go to a Batting Cage
Take a trip
Do the Trolley Hop
Walking Tour of Louisville
Have a Bonfire
Go Hiking
Take a Distillery Tour
Go Horseback riding
Lake Weekend with Friends

We did only did two of these things, a distillery tour and drive in movie. Womp Womp! Dating is so important to us and while I know we spent plenty of adult time together we could have planned things better. Sometimes we were just too tired, sometimes we didn't want to spend the money, and sometimes timing kept it from working out. I realize now that the list was pretty ambitious and now that we live 200 miles from the closest babysitter Grandparent, our alone time has drastically decreased. So for Fall, I'm going to make sure it's a shorter list and try really hard to do whatever I can to ensure we do the things. So, without further ado...

The Lewis Fall Bucket List
Make smores
Pick Pumpkins
Go go-karting (Daddy and Landon date)
Play putt putt
Visit the Belle Meade Plantation
Have brunch at the Marina
Visit the Partheon in Nashville
Pumpkinfest in Franklin
Drive part of the Natchez Trace Parkway when the leaves are at their peak
Walk the Nashville Pedestrian Bridge

Adult Fall Bucket List
Take a weekend trip to Gatlinburg (dreaming big on this one!)
Participate in the Madison Indiana Wine Trail
Have a date night at Mangia's

So there it is. I figure we have about a month and a half to accomplish ALL of these things. It looks IS a lot, but I'd rather try to do it than all than not even bother. This weekend is Brandi's wedding in Louisville, but with any luck we may still be able to cross off at least one item from the list. Happy Fall!

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