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Halloween Weekend

This year Landon was Clark Kent becoming Superman...

My Mom arrived Thursday to celebrate Halloween with us. Unfortunately, mother nature decided to play a trick on us and we had bad weather all day. I had been planning on taking Landon to trick or treat at the Mall since he is still pretty young and I thought it would be better for him overall, but with the bad weather the rest of the city joined us there. When we got there, we immediately realized the lines for candy were very long and as we were waiting in our first line, they ran out of candy. So we got into a second line where the same thing happened. At this point, we decided to go ahead and start walking to the other end of the mall to eat and skip the long candy lines. On the way Landon managed to get four pieces of candy. I felt bad for him because he WANTED candy and was getting into saying "trick or treat", but at the same time I was relieved to not have to battle with him over how much candy he could have. The mall trip wasn't a total bust though because we had dinner at the Aquarium restaurant which of course Landon loved!!

The fish tank in the middle of the restaurant was pretty impressive. It's a great place for kids and I know next time we walk past in the mall Landon will throw a tantrum to go in. Yay! We did manage to sneak in a family photo although Landon had most of his costume off at this point. 

Since Mom was in town for the weekend she kept Landon Friday while we were at working. Luckily little man got to visit the Nashville zoo where he met this guy...

I'm seriously so jealous. I love owls! Mom said Landon loved the zoo so Adam and I are looking forwarding to taking him soon. 
Since Mom was in town we utilized the free babysitting service for a few hours on Saturday while we explored Radnor Lake. Radnor is a picturesque park with a lake in the middle. There are many trails including a 2.6 mile hike around the lake that we walked. The best part is, it's only a few miles from our house. It's a place we will be visiting often. 

And the colors were gorgeous...

Having just a few hours to ourselves was great. It's hard living in a city where you know no one, because you don't trust anyone to watch your kid. I need to get a babysitter lined up, but for now Adam and I will make due where we can.

Afterward our little date we all went downtown to walk across the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge. 

Check that one off our Fall bucket list. It was a great way to get out and kinda of explore the city. When we got downtown it was a little too hopping for a two year old. Broadway is bar, boot store, candy store, repeat and this goes on all down the street. It's always crazy busy and a little rowdy. We made our way into one of the candy stores to check it out and then walked back across the bridge. The walk back and forth on the bridge was great and Landon loved it. Any big area for him to run around and play is a hit.

It also provided great views of the city; perfect for my photographer husband.

All in all, it was the perfect day and it continued into Sunday. Sunday we took advantage of the gorgeous Autumn weather and setting and went out to get some pictures of our boys. Since Halloween was a bust we wanted to a get a few of Landon in his Halloween costume. I tired to convince him to stand there holding his shirt open so Daddy could take pictures, but being a boy all he wanted to do was run around, go figure.

Afterwards we drove up the Natchez Parkway, another bucket list check. I knew the drive would be gorgeous when the leaves were at their peak and was it ever. Adam took this picture from the bridge in Franklin.

Isn't that a gorgeous house? But even prettier are these two boys. By far the best picture of the day.

I dream of one day getting a picture of the four or us all smiling and looking at the camera. Will it ever happen? I doubt it, but maybe we will try again in the Spring. Halloween weekend was great and we all really got to explore a lot of the area while packing it full of fun Fall things. Mom is coming back in a few weeks to celebrate her birthday and I'm going to have a hard time topping this weekend. 

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