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Christmas Spirit

This weekend we finally had some down time and were able to catch up on a few much needed things like sleep, grocery shopping, and most importantly decorating our house for Christmas.

Saturday afternoon after we finally dragged ourselves out of bed we went and picked out a tree. For the first year Landon actually got into it and was really excited to get a tree to decorate. This year we went to Home Depot, but I think next year we might try upping the ante and cut one down ourselves.

Saturday evening Adam and I took Landon to a babysitter for the first time for a much needed date night. We met up with some friends for dinner and then went to Adam's work Christmas party. It was good to get out, just the two of us, and hang out with other adults. The hardest thing about living in Nashville has been not having anyone to watch Landon. We were so used to having a Grandparent to watch him anytime we wanted to go out that it's been a real adjustment and we've been reluctant to leave him with a stranger. With Adam's Christmas party this last weekend and mine this weekend, we finally had a good reason to buckle down and find someone who could watch him. Luckily for us, he had a good time and so did we.

We spent Sunday listening to Christmas music and decorating the house. And just like Landon was all about picking out a Christmas tree, he was all about decorating it as well. He rocked decorating the bottom three feet.

Being the big Kid that Adam is, he decided to wrap the dog in Christmas lights which followed by wrapping the kid in lights and trying to take few pictures. 

I've seen some really cute pictures on pinterest of people who wrap kids in Christmas lights. I'd like to get Landon a cute pair of Christmas pajama's and Kaiser a Santa hat and try this again. I'm all for cute pictures of these two.

This year I added two trolley ornaments from my recent trip to Lisbon. Someday I'll have a chance to visit all the amazing Christmas markets in Europe and have an entire tree of ornaments. For now I'm happy with the addition of these two.

It never really feels like Christmas until the tree is decorated. I wish we could leave it up year round. I just love how our living room looks with a big bright tree in the middle of it. Even though I hate indoor plants, I love having a real Christmas tree. They are never perfect, but you can always find the perfect one for you. Not to mention they smell like heaven! This year ours has a lot of imperfections character, but we love it.

While we decorated the tree Adam set up the gopro and made a time lapse video of the whole process. Gopro's are the neatest cameras. It's always fun to mess around and create videos with it. I hope to get better and more creative with using it in the future. You don't have to be a skydiver to make a great video and while ours won't get a million views on youtube we think it's pretty neat.


This was our first really cold weekend in Nashville so we had to break out the cold weather gear. Landon discovered a new love for mittens which he proceeded to wear all weekend long. We also broke out a few of Landon's hats from last year. Is it possible that his head actually shrank this year? I swear this hat didn't fit him as well last year. I guess they really do grow into their heads. It's definitely a good thing for him. 
I just love those dimples!

Now that the Christmas spirit is in full swing it's Christmas music 24/7, nightly countdowns on our advent calendar, Christmas parties, secret Santa's, gift wrapping, and my favorite Midnight Mass. This year I'm determined not to stress about the little things and just enjoy every second. 

Only 15 days left till Christmas!

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