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A Year in Review

2013 was a great year for us. It was a busy year; A life changing year. Here are a few highlights...

In January, we kicked it off big when Adam and I celebrated 10 years together!!!!!

We also we celebrated Landon’s 2nd birthday!

In February, we spent lots of time at the Farm enjoying the setting. This cute little white calf was born.

In March, Spring arrived and with it one of my favorite holidays, Easter. Landon loved looking for eggs.

In April, we celebrated Adam's big 3-0 by taking a weekend trip with friends to Red River Gorge.

Also, Dad and I started our wine club outings which we continued throughout the year.

In May, we made Memorial Day much more meaningful by attending the memorial ceremony for my Dad's troop.

And Adam got to be a race car driver for a day.

In June, we took Landon on his first hike and explored the trails and creek at Otter Creek.

I also found a new favorite Summertime hobby, picking fruit which started with Blueberries.

In July, we spent lots of time at the pool and Landon became a pro on the diving board. 

We also had a visit from the Greens and spent a great weekend hanging out with cousins.

In August, Adam accepted a new job in Nashville, TN and moved down to start working.

During that time, I started looking for a job, left mine of over 9 years, and packed up our house. At the end of the month, Landon and I went on a trip to Daytona Beach with my Mom right before starting our new chapter.

In September, we settled into our new house and jobs, but we came back to Louisville for an amazing going away party.

In October, we celebrated the wedding of my dear friend Brandi. 

We also picked pumpkins, carved/painted them and celebrated Halloween superhero style.

In November, we finally had some time to explore our new state and take a few hikes.

Also, I traveled to Lisbon, Portugal for work.

In December, we celebrated Christmas all month long. From picking out a tree and decorating it, making cookies, Christmas work parties, and multiple Christmas celebrations with family. My personal favorite though is always Midnight Mass.

2014 should be an uneventful year compared to 2013, but I've learned that you never know what the future will hold. Regardless of the changes that 2014 may or may not bring, my hope is that it's filled with at least the same amount of happiness and joy. If so, it will be another great year.

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