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Christmas, Part 1

It's no surprise I'm two weeks late to making a post about Christmas...story of my life. I hope to stay more on top of blogging this year because it's a great way to journal our family events. I'm happy I haven't given up on it like I did so many times in the past, but there are still many events, activities and topics I wanted to write about in 2013, but never got around to it. So here's hoping I can stay more on top of it in 2014 and I'll start with backtracking a bit to the weekend before Christmas.

For us, Christmas came in three parts. Part 1 was the weekend before Christmas when my Dad, Step-Mom, Brother, and Sister-in-law came to visit and celebrate Christmas with us in Nashville.
Matt and Marty came in Friday night. We shared a great dinner and hung out at the house for the night. The boys got to play a little x-box (something they never do together anymore). Much to my disgust even Landon wanted in.

Luckily, the gaming station went home with Uncle Matt. If there is anything I will put my foot down on, it's letting my kid play video games...never going to happen. I realize he will hate me for it, but I really don't care.
So after a night of games we got up Saturday morning and the boys did their thing (visited the gun range) while Marty and I did our thing (shopping). Of course, Landon was forced to tag along with the girls for obvious reasons and likes shopping just as much as any other male. Ever since we've moved down to Nashville I've been telling Marty about downtown Franklin. It's full of cute shops and unique restaurants in an old town setting and I knew she would love it. Our time was limited and the weather was iffy, but we decided to go and walk around for a bit. We were both so happy we did. I hadn't been to Franklin at Christmas, but I should have known the shops would be full of Christmas decor and perfect for finding special gifts. I wish we would have had more time, but the trip was a big success because I did find a rare spice that I had been looking all over for.

 After a bit, we headed back to our house were my Dad and Cathy had arrived. We hung out for a bit and caught up while Landon napped. Then we headed out for dinner downtown. On the way, we stopped at the Parthenon hoping to see if it was lit up for Christmas.

And it was! It's a pretty neat structure and since it's going to be a few years before I see the real one, I'd like to go back one day and take a tour of the inside. After a quick walk around, we headed to dinner at Rodizio (the Brazilian Steakhouse that we had visited a few months before). The first time we went, my brother and I both agreed that Dad would love the place and we talked it up so much that he really wanted to go. It was the perfect occasion and we were right. Dad loved it!

Of course, the lamb was his favorite, but he really enjoyed the variety they offer and everyone loves the delivery. Us second timers were much smarter and made a point to eat a little less. Adam even branched out a bit and tried a Chicken heart (personally that's past the line for me). I was just happy to leave not feeling overly stuffed

And while many pictures were taken through the night this is my personal favorite...

Landon is such a ham, but boy does he love his Grandpa!! After dinner we took advantage of the extremely warm weather (turned out there was a tornado warning) and walked around downtown a bit.

We made it up to the big tree and took a few pictures. Landon thought the tree was pretty cool. Can you imagine how big it seems to a small kid?

Once we got home we exchanged gifts. This was the first year Landon was ALL about presents. He didn't want to poise for pictures with his gift. He just wanted to open them...all of them.

Of course he cleaned up too. Papa and Nana got him an easel to color on. Ever since we painted pumpkins back in October he's been asking to paint so we knew he'd love an easel. And we were right! He's been coloring non-stop ever since.

In case you couldn't tell, that's a dragon. There is no artistic ability in his genes, but he sure does enjoy it. Plus it's a quiet activity which makes us super happy. He also got the cutest little piece of luggage from his Uncle and Aunt. He's so proud of it and was able to us it last weekend. He proudly rolls it around the house and helps me pack it for trips. As much as we travel back and forth I know he will be getting lots of use out of it. And did I mention it's adorable?

As much as Landon enjoyed getting his own gifts, he also liked to help other people open theirs.

It was all very exciting for a two year old. And even for some of us a bit older than that.

Since we wanted to be sure to spend Christmas Day in Nashville and not traveling I was so happy that this part of my family was able to celebrate Christmas together. Especially for Landon's sake. It's strange living away from your entire family at the holidays, but we were able to come together and have a great Christmas filled weekend. We recently started a new tradition of trying to get a family portrait at each holiday.
Here is Christmas 2013 with the Biscan's and part 1 of our Christmas extravaganza!

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