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Christmas, Part 3

Last, but certainly not least, is our final Christmas celebration and weekend spent in Louisville visiting Adam's family and friends. Our first Christmas celebration weekend is HERE and Christmas Eve and Day are HERE.

Unfortunately, Christmas fell on a Wednesday this year and I had to work Thursday and Friday. Once I was off work on Friday we packed up the car and our little family (dog included of course) and headed to Louisville. We arrived late Friday night to Matt and Marty's house and even though Landon had just seen them the weekend before he was as excited to spend some more time with his favorite Uncle.

Saturday, the boys the boys hung out while Marty, Mary and I spent the day hanging out. Oh how I miss my girls! We grabbed some lunch at Chuy's which had the BEST white peach sangria's. Delicious!! Afterwards, we went ice skating at the outdoor ice skating rink located in Jeffersonville, IN. I hadn't been in a long time and Mary had never been, but we didn't do too badly. We started out holding hands, because good friends all go down together not individually.

But as worried as Mary was, she really good. She claims she isn't athletic, but she rocked it on the ice.

Marty use to be pretty in to roller blading which seemed to pay off. Skating was her idea and it was a great one. It's always fun to do something different.

Way back in the day I took lessons and use to be pretty good. Once we had been skating for awhile and I worked up some confidence and I tried to pick up speed and start crossing my skates like I use to do. That's when I fell. It wasn't a bid deal. Just bruised up my ego a bit, but I proved I needed some more practice to be a pro again. My favorite part of coming home is getting to see everyone but especially these two. I've met a lot of great people in Nashville, but these two are my sisters. I seriously miss them every day.

After our ice skating adventure, Adam and I went to Noni's house to celebrate Christmas with his family. Landon LOVES his big cousin so it's always great when the two boys can get together and play. 
We had a great Christmas dinner followed by our gift exchange.

By this time, Landon was all about gifts and starting to want them ALL for himself. We tried to tell him that on Christmas you give gifts to people you love, not just receive them. It seems to have a been a little steep for him to grasp. We'll work on it more for next year. He settled on helping other people open theirs.

I think Noni cleaned up the most. She might the best person to get gifts for, because she LOVES everything. She's always so gracious.

Nana gave Landon the cutest gift ever, a superman hoodie complete with a cape. He's just now starting to get into superheros so this gift was perfect for him. He really loves it and is always asking to wear it. For a boy, my kid is way too involved in his clothes. We have favorite shirts and shirts that induce crying. This is the top of his favorites. 

Adam always gets great pictures, but this may be my new favorite. Noni told me that night that he smiles with his eyes. I see it in this picture. 

And of course we had to get the group picture. As you can see, the kids fit nicely in the floor in front of the couch.

Christmas really is a magical time and not just for children. As fun as it to buy gifts for people, to give (and let's be honest) receive them, the magic comes from the people, not the presents. I'm grateful we got a chance to spend a little time with everyone close to us and still make time for us and ourselves. We were able to continue our favorite Christmas traditions and create a few new ones along the way.

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