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Memorial Day Weekend

I'm only a week behind on posting about our Memorial Day weekend. I'm getting better! Since Memorial Day weekend was a long weekend for us, we went 'home' to Louisville to visit with our families. Here's a Memorial Day weekend picture dump.

We basically split each day between different family members. We drove to my Dad's house on Friday night and spent Saturday with him. First thing in the morning, Landon had to take a ride in Papa's new tractor. A tractor that comes complete with a Grandson seat. I'm just wondering how long until it's Landon driving the tractor himself.

Afterwards, we went into "town" to help Papa look for a new ATV. While Papa narrowed down his choices, Adam and Landon both found some toys of their own.

After some shopping, we went back to the house so Landon could take a nap and Adam could work on his car for a bit. Dad and I went to Huber's for our quarterly wine pickup. Since it's summer now, they are back to serving their Strawberry Sangria. It's the most delicious drink!! We got some food (chicken salad, of course), did our wine tasting, and enjoyed some ice cream at the Koi Pond. It was a gorgeous day.

Have I mentioned before how much I love Huber's? It's my favorite place to go when we visit home and I especially enjoy my Dad's and I trips together. It couldn't have been a better day.

Saturday we went to Noni's house for the annual pool cleaning. This year the pool is getting a huge revamping of new tile inside the pool and a new deck. While Adam's sister and I cleaned out the inside of the pool, Adam and Landon worked on getting up the deck.

Landon is getting to an age where he really really wants to be a part of everything we do and is actually a really  good helper. He got to fill the buckets as his Daddy scraped up the deck.

After the pool was drained and we filled all the buckets we could we decided it was time for some fun. Adam's sister, Taylor, and the three of us went to Kart Kountry so the boys could ride the Go Karts. I had never actually driven a go kart before so Adam elected to take Landon while I rode in one by myself. Turns out Landon does not enjoy it when Mommy passes him and speeds away. 

But he got over it and we all had fun. After the go karting we played some games inside. All three boys right in a row playing.

After that, we went over the batting cage. Another thing I had never done and always wanted to try. Brought me back to my short time playing softball.

Taylor's playing baseball this year and got to hit a few balls as well. Poor Landon is still too little to get into the cage, but he really wanted to try.

We might have to sign him up for tee ball next year. Afterwards, we all went to Katherine's house to see her adorable foal.

She is the cutest most little foal I have ever seen and her Momma is a such a sweetie. We all got a chance to see and pet her up close.

Afterwards, we all met up with my Mom for dinner at Senor Iguanas (a favorite local restaurant of mine). Landon went home with Grandma so they could have a fun night with just the two of them and we went back to the farm for the night. The next morning we loaded up our furry son and went to my Mom's for the day. By the time we got to her house Landon, and her were at the neighborhood playground. Even Kaiser had fun playing at the playground.

Her neighborhood just so happens to also have a horse barn were people who live in the neighborhood can keep their horse. While we were there one of the residents came up and let her horses out into the pasture next to the playground. It wasn't long before Kaiser had made a new friend.

We only got a little of it on video, but this went on for quiet some time. It was really cute to see a dog and horse playing together like that. Afterwards, we went to nearby Captains Quarters for some lunch and to watch the boats. While the food at Captains Quarter isn't my favorite in Louisville, the setting certainly is.

We watched the boats on the river and all picked our favorites. Maybe someday we will have a boat of our own. After a long afternoon it was time to load up everyone in the car and head back to Nashville. Summer is finally here and Memorial Day weekend was a great way to start it! 

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