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Landon's Christmas Musical

Warning! - This post is basically for the Grandparents or anyone else who cares a lot about children.

It's great being able to share Landon's precious little moments on here with everyone from all the way across the country (and even around the world!) so when Landon's daycare let us know about their Christmas musical, we knew we had to try and get some videos for the grandparents especially.

First I'll start with the pictures. This was Landon through the entire first song...

 Hand in mouth, acting really shy about being on stage. This was Landon throughout the second song,

Now he is warming up a little and actually smiling. He's looking around at his friends, but not really participating. By the third song...

He's right in there with the best of them holding his baby and looking for Jesus. It was all pretty adorable especially seeing all the kids dressed in their holiday outfits.

He's not the most enthusiastic of the group, and he becomes easily distracted from the song so you can never really hear him in the videos. It's also not every easy to understand what they are singing all the time either. So I'll put the words below the videos.

In the first video, the song they are singing is called We are Camels and Wise Men.

The song is set to the tune of "Frere Jacques" and goes ...

We are camels, we are camels,
 Gold and brown, gold and brown. 
Following the leader,Going to see Jesus.
Come along, come along.

We are wise men, we are wise men
From afar, from afar
Following the bright star, Bearing gifts for Jesus.
Come along, come along.

The girls were an obvious distraction and the ear pulling at the end was not supposed to be one of the hand gestures.

The next song is My God is so Big followed by Christmas Bells

The lyrics are as follows...

My God is so big
So strong and so mighty,
There's nothing my God cannot do!


The Mountains are His,
The valleys are His and
The stars way up in the sky.

My God is so big
So Strong and so mighty
There's nothing my God cannot do,
For you!

The second song went...

Oh, do you hear the Christmas bells,
Christmas bells, Christmas bells?
Oh do you hear the Christmas bells, 
That ring out load and clear.

Oh can you see our Christmas tree,
Christmas tree, Christmas tree?
Oh can you see our Christmas tree,
it fills the room with cheer.

Oh, do you smell the gingerbread,
the gingerbread, the gingerbread?
Do you smell the gingerbread?
I'm glad Christmas is here!

I'm glad Christmas is here too and this musical was a lot of fun. Best part was that it only lasted 15 minutes so it never seemed overly drawn out. Afterwards, we all got to partake in the cookies that the kids had made themselves.

Through the event, I just kept thinking my little munchkin is really starting to grow up. I'm not sure where these last four (ALMOST FOUR!) years went. I do know however that I enjoy him more and more everyday. 

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