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Month in Review: June

July is already half over and I’m just now recapping June, but we spent the first ten days of the month with very little cell signal and no time to blog. Still, better late than never (it should be the motto of this blog) and there is still so much to share! It's hard to pick a favorite month, but boy does June set quite a standard. With my birthday and our wedding anniversary within ten days of each other, not much can compare. Although we were all pretty worn out from May, we managed to squeeze in even more fun in June.

Feeling guilty from leaving Kaiser at a sitter just a few weeks earlier, we made a special trip for him to Fort Funston on the first weekend of the month and we all had a blast.

We also finished decorating our apartment. Adam finished hanging ALL of our pictures (we have a few...). It doesn't feel like home until we get our gallery up and the great thing about our new place, is we have plenty of room to expand.

Only 9 days into the month was, of course, the best day of them all; My birthday!!! Adam surprised me when I got off work with a great birthday gift!

Then we went to dinner at the Boudin Bakery (a restaurant I've been wanting to try downtown). It was AMAZING and left me wondering why we hadn't tried it sooner. Cheers to 30!!!!

There was no dressing up for this birthday, but that doesn't mean this restaurant wasn't high class. As I've got a little older, I find myself caring a little less about those kinds of things. I got a sourdough bread bowl of clam chowder and a crab cake. It was so good! Boudin is famous for making sourdough bread. They have a huge store/factory/cafe/restaurant at Fisherman's wharf. You can walk by and see their demonstrations or go for a tour of the factory. We've added a tour and baking class to our list of things of to do. After all, how can we pass up making one of our very own bread animals?

We had a great supper right on the bay and enjoyed a beautiful cotton candy sunset as we finished dinner.

When we arrived home, I had flowers waiting at my door from one of my best friends which were a huge surprise and beautiful! Adam made me a yellow cake with fudge icing and, despite being beyond stuffed, I ended my 30th birthday with a big slice of cake. I couldn't have asked for a better day!

June wasn't all about me though as Landon started his next level of swim classes. Although he's only had three classes, I can already tell a huge improvement. I feel like he's gotten behind on swimming in the last year with all the moving so I'm happy to see him begin to improve again. A platform in the shallow end allows the kids to stand in the water and practice without any flotation devices. With the small class and his desire to show off to the other kids, he has already began swimming underwater on his own.


An extra special present came in the middle of month in the form of a simple letter from U.S. Customs...after 9 weeks of waiting, it was finally made official that I passed the Customs Brokerage Exam.

Happy doesn't even begin to describe my feelings. Not only is the brokerage test difficult, but after all the months of studying, finally feeling seeing the pay-off was the best feeling in the world. Accomplishing this only helped to reinforce to myself that if I put my mind to it, I can do anything.

We spent one weekend of the month at home enjoying a little downtime, Adam was originally going to be out of town so we never booked anything for it. I love filling up our free time with lots of fun things, but every once and while it is nice to do nothing. Of course, it really wasn't nothing, there was a lot of playing involved.

On the 19th, we celebrated 6 years of marriage and celebrated with a weekend camping trip to Lake Tahoe with the little man in tow.

It's pretty impossible to explain how lucky I feel to have spent the last 6 years as Mrs. Lewis. I spent a couple of days this month sick with a viral infection and at one point hit my wits' end with it. As I broke down from fear (fallout from my health drama 4 years ago) and weariness over being sick, Adam immediately did the one thing that he knows will always comfort me. He laid down, put my head over his heart and rubbed my head until I calmed down. I realized after 6 years of marriage and 12.5 years together that to me, true love means finding absolute comfort in another person. If the whole entire world collapsed, if I lost everyone else in this world, if I were dying, if we were broke and homeless, all he would have to is lay my head of his chest and all the fear and worry would melt away. To me, there is no greater gift.

Lake Tahoe was a great place to celebrate too. With a crystal clear lake, bright sunny skies, camping with my favorite boys, and plenty of new experiences, Lake Tahoe is a new favorite of ours. I really hope we have the chance to visit again before winter (although a winter ski trip this year is definitely a must for us)

We barely had time to unpack from Tahoe before visitors arrived, Adam’s sister, Katherine, and our nephew, Taylor, came for their first visit. It was a surprise for both of the kids and we thought they’d die from joy, but I think the anticipation and excitement was actually bigger for the adults. 

This was Taylor’s first visit to the ocean so their first night we took them to Marshall Beach for the quintessential ocean sunset experience, San Francisco style. I know he was wishing for warmer water he could swim in, but he still enjoyed it. He later told me he wanted to live in San Francisco. Can’t say I blame him. I'm so happy we got to be a part of this magical experience for him. The video below is pretty windy and I've since learned to always take horizontal video, but it is still a special moment. Childhood is beautiful! 

The boys had a blast playing together that night in the ocean. It was the first of many to come. Can you tell how much Landon adores his big cousin?

Friday, we took them to see Inside Out, which of course, was adorable. What Pixar movie isn’t? Our originally planned show was sold out so we had to wait and see the later 3-D version. I wasn’t sure how Landon would do with the glasses, but he didn’t mind them a bit. And Adam helped the boys pass the extra hour in the arcade. 

On Saturday, with an entire day to play, we took the boys to Stinson Beach in Marin. They had a blast trying to build a sand castle, playing in the water, and getting some sun. 

That evening, we went to Pier 39 for some real seafood, to see the Seal Lions, and to play in Musee Mecanique. 

Musee Mecanique might be the coolest place in all of San Francisco and we’ve walked past it a bunch of times, but this was our first time inside. It has all kinds of antique (seriously antique) arcade games and the best part is that most of them are only 25 cents. One thing is for sure, there is no place in this city where you can stretch your money further than this gem. It was one place both adults and kids can enjoy equally as much, although some of the games were not necessarily kid friendly.

Adam is a tease just in case you were wondering. All that fun though was nothing compared to what we had in store for them. We had to start packing for our trip so we originally told Taylor that the day they were leaving, we were leaving for a long camping trip, but the night before we left we decided to drop the news to him that they'd actually be going with us. This time, his excitement was more than we were even hoping for. With a new hiking backpack and headlamp just like his little cousin, he was ready to go and VERY excited!

The last day of the month, we hit the road and geared up for a nine day road trip through Oregon. Our first stop of the trip, and last for the month, was Lassen Volcanic National Park. We arrived just before sunset, set up camp, and cooked some dinner. The boys were in heaven after the long drive and had no problem becoming one with nature. Once it was dark and the boys had settled in for the night, Adam and I took a late night hike around Manzanita Lake. We spent the last few hours of the month enjoying the volcano by moonlight and capturing a bit of it with a few pictures.

Congrats if you made it to the end of this long post! As you can see, this June was one for the record books, but I can tell you that the first nine days of July really kept the moment going. Can't wait to share all the fun we had on our trip, just as soon as I finish resting up! 

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