Small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.


Colchuck Lake

Back in August, when Landon was still in Kentucky, Adam and I ventured to the Central Cascades for a hike to Colchuck Lake. This lake is part of a larger area known as the Enchantments which is a spectacular area just outside of Leavenworth, WA. We know we want to explore the enchantments from top to bottom, but chose a moderate hike to Colchuck Lake as our inaugural visit.

After two weeks of hiking in Canada, this hike didn't seem too bad. It was 4 miles to the lake from the trail head with about 2,300 ft of elevation gain. Most of the elevation gain was in the last mile so once we got to that point it was a little rough, but when you know you are that close you just push through. We made a rookie mistake of parking at the first lot we came across and added another mile each way so all-in it was about a 10 mile round trip for us. I'm glad we did it before Landon came back. Although I think he could do the hike, we would have been a lot slower going. Now we know what to expect when we decide to go back with him.

The area is just absolutely stunning. Large boulders, fast moving creeks and beautiful pines all around. After 2 years in drought stricken California, we are still getting used to seeing such amazing creeks, rivers, and streams. It's definitely a welcome sight.

The trail was pretty nice until we got to the last bit. We passed over a few log bridges along the way.

When we finally reached the lake the reward was worth the sweat. It was stunning!

The two peaks opposite the glacier fed lake is Dragon tail Peak (centered) and Colchuck Peak to the right. The small glacier on the slopes of Colchuck Peak is Colchuck glacier and feeds this stunning lake.  As we came to the lake, we found a spot to have some lunch and take a rest. Adam worked up quite a sweat packing his camera equipment to the lake.

It was worth the effort with gorgeous pictures like these to have as reminders of our hike.

Whenever Adam takes pictures, I usually entertain Landon, play with him and explore a bit. However, this time I was able to just sit back and enjoy the view in front of me and the sun on my face. Many people jump in the lake after the hike and despite being glacier fed, it didn't feel too cold. Maybe next time we partake in the plunge. The color of the water is just so inviting, it is probably worth the chill.

Another thing I'd like to do next time is camp around the lake. I can only imagine how beautiful this lake is under the light of a full moon or how amazing the stars must look up there. It was stunning enough just during the day.

Adam and I managed to snap one selfie. It was a great way to spend one of our last days alone.

Then we headed back down the same trail, passing over the streams once again. While the highlight was the lake, even the hike up and down were beautiful. 

Hopefully, all the rest of the Enchantments are just as beautiful as this. We are excited to have the opportunity to find out and explore more.



Landon started Kindergarten today. Any parent knows just how quickly time goes once you have kids. Just like everyone else, we really can't believe he's already starting school. It isn't a sad day for us, but it has brought us a lot of happiness to see him so excited for school and watching him shape into this little man. Kindergarten feels like a big achievement for us all and I thought this would be a good time to reflect on the joy he is and share a little bit about him.

Here's a little bit about him from his own lips.
Favorite color: Blue
Occupation when he grows up: Firefighter
Favorite Place to go: Amusement Park

If he had a million dollars he would: Buy a little monster truck and space shuttle
Favorite Animal: Tiger
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
He's good at: Coloring/Drawing

What does Mommy say to you a lot: I love you
What does Daddy say to you a lot: You don't get anything
Favorite food: Chicken
What do you want your teacher to know about you: I'm funny

How old is Mommy: 92 
How old is Daddy: 99
What is the most important thing: Listening, following and loving God
If you could go anywhere right now where would it be: The ocean

What makes you happy: Going to the playground
What makes you sad: Not getting stuff
What do you like to do: Going to the skate park

Going Hiking

and camping

He pretty much answered these questions as I expected. In addition to what he says, I'd add that he loved baking cookies and the snow. Anything in the snow. He really wants to learn to snowboard.

He definitely is an adventurous little guy. He's not scared of much and there are so many things he wants to try. He loves the water and worked hard on improving his swimming this summer in Kentucky.

He's growing a good appreciation for the outdoors and often points out how pretty things are. His greatest collections are legos and Junior Ranger badges. He also has quite the appetite and loves going to new places to eat. Just like his Mommy, food makes him happy.

He has a real love of people. He's such a people person. Since he's been old enough to talk, he's talked to anyone including complete strangers. Leaving San Francisco was hard for him because he truly loved his friends at school. He's such a sweet little guy too and keeps telling us how he is going to give his teacher a big hug the first day of school. I hope this never changes.

One thing Landon has taught me as his parent is to learn to enjoy all the little things in life. He is who he is and there is no shame in his game. It's such a joy to watch him experience life and making his own way about it. His happiness is so contagious. 

I don't know what the next five or ten years will hold for him. If he will love school or struggle through it. I guess only time will tell. I know he will have battles and victories. But today, and thus far, he's as bright as the sun and the possibilities are endless. As Dean Martin said in one of the greatest songs, "I go to bed and keep grinning. If this just the beginning, my life is gonna be beautiful!"